KaijuFM - January Newsletter

Soft Boys! Podcast Conventions!

Welcome to the inaugural newsletter from KaijuFM! This is going to be a monthly newsletter highlighting the best of KaijuFM, of the wonderful world of podcasts and the internet in general! Each month we’ll bring you 3 recommendations of shows, episodes and stuff to check out.

If you have a show you’d love to be mentioned here, please let us know on twitter - @KaijuFM

Soft Boy Hard Body

A new show from KaijuFM, about a Soft Boy (me) trying to get a Hard Body - or at least a little bit less soft. It’s a weekly show in which I’m charting my weight loss and fitness journey, as well as talking about the people, things and techniques that are keeping me going

Merely Roleplayers

A weekly podcast where theatrical people play roleplaying games.

If you aren’t already listening to Merely Roleplayers, now is the time. The latest season (starting here) builds wonderfully on the mythos and previous seasons, but will work just as well for any newbies. Matt is a brilliant DM, knowing when to let his players run with it and when to rein them in, a model of the best of Actual Podcasts

Into The Wild: My Journey on the Appalachian Trail

I have a long time obsession with the Appalachian Trail, starting with the Bill Bryson book and enduring to this day, and this video of a hiker’s entire journey from last year has fueled that fire even more. I’m heading towards my 40s and am well aware I’m never going to make it myself, so I live through these videos. Watch, be inspired and go do that hard thing you’ve been dreaming of.

‘til next month, see ya!

(p.s. If you’re in the UK and fancy coming to say hello, we’re gonna be at the PodUK convention on the 1st Feb, come along, say hi and meet some awesome podcasters)